"I was going around in circles. I was waiting for someone, something, a relief, a disappointment.
A story."
Anna gavalda
The GALBO story
An encounter

GALBO is the story of a friendship between a Juliette and a Pauline; a common passion for the South, Provence and Occitania; but also for the music of a certain period, Dalida or Véronique Sanson, without forgetting Françoise Hardy ...!

A passion for old films like "Thelma and Louise", "Viva Maria" or even "La Fille Du Puisatier" ...

But above all a passion for travel and discovery!

The origin of the name

GALBO: it is the association of the last names of Pauline's mother and Juliette's grandmother.

Diva and Marie-Laure, our "Wonder Women", they are the ones who taught us how to sew!

It was very important for us to highlight them because it is partly thanks to them that Galbo was able to see the light of day.

Selections & Creations
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We offer for sale parts that we create and parts that we select from our suppliers.


Our selections:

We worked with French, Italian and Chinese suppliers. We select parts from a catalog offered by our suppliers.

All the information concerning the origin of the products is indicated on the product sheets.

Our creations:

You will find our creations directly in the " Made in France " tab.

They are inspired by the South of France with a little bit of Italy.

We make our own creations with the help of our southern mamas.

We use quality, light materials that breathe perfectly in the mistral. We select them with care from our suppliers in the South of France. These are mainly OEKO TEX and REACH certified (world origine).

Each piece created is unique, revealing an artisanal know-how!



Open a Galbo package:

it is to breathe the South and to transport oneself in a field of olive trees, lavender, or even on the edge of the Calanques