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    Si vous commandez une pièce en précommande (avec un délai plus long), alors toute votre commande sera expédiée en même temps, prenez bien en compte le délai indiqué sur la fiche produit de l'article en précommande.
  • Delivery
    free delivery from 100€ of purchases in Metropolitan France Be sure to check the postal address to avoid any delivery failure Where do we ship our packages? ​ We ship orders to all countries in the European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom and overseas departments. What are the delivery times? ​ Following strong demand, we prepare your order within 6 working days. From the dispatch of the order, the average delivery times are as follows: - 2 to 3 working days by Colissimo delivered against signature for metropolitan France - 2 to 3 working days by Colissimo delivered to the post office closest to the address indicated for delivery for metropolitan France - 7 to 15 working days in standard Colissimo for Europe - 5 to 7 working days by Colissimo express for Europe How is the delivery to a postal point? Enter your personal address, the post office pick-up point will be automatically selected closest to your place of residence. PRICES/DELIVERY RATES: - Metropolitan France and Corsica: between €8 by Colissimo delivered against signature - €5 by Colissimo delivered to the nearest post office of your address - Free delivery from 100€ of purchases in Metropolitan France by colissimo delivered to the post office - Free delivery in Colissimo Domicile against signature from 200€ of purchases - European Union: between €8 and €14 depending on the products in standard international colissimo - European Union: between €12 and €20 depending on the products in colissimo international express On which site can I track my package? Packages are shipped with COLISSIMO. You can track your package directly on the website of la poste with the tracking number indicated by email. Your order may be shipped in two packages. In this case, you will receive two tracking numbers. ​
  • Payment
    How can I pay for my order? We offer two 100% secure payment methods: ​​ - Payment with your Paypal account - Payment by credit card
  • Return
    The Customer must return the product at his own expense ​ In accordance with Article L221-5 of the Consumer Code, you have 14 DAYS, upon receipt of your package, to return your items to us. Beyond this period returns will not be accepted. For hygienic reasons, we do not take back earrings or swimwear/lingerie: Art. L 21-21-8. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts: "Supply of goods which have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery and which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection. Article L 121-20-2 of the Consumer Code provides that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts for the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized. The returned product(s) must be in their original condition (to avoid waste) with their label. ​ Defective items: If the ordered item has a defect, please contact us upon receipt of the package at the following address: ​ The steps to make a return. 1— Register your return request: Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of receipt of the package. The return packing slip must not exceed the 14 day date. FOR A GALBO PURCHASE Send an email to the following address: indicating: - Your name and order number - Items you wish to return - The reason for this return - If you wish to benefit from a credit note, a refund or an exchange ​ FOR A GALBO SPORT PURCHASE: Send an email to the following address: ​ An item cannot be returned without its original label, if it has been worn several times, if it is damaged, machine washed etc A deduction may be made if an item has been returned and the value of the merchandise has been reduced due to you handling the merchandise more than necessary. ​ Note that if a package is returned without a return request or out of time, we will not be able to refund the order. 2— Validation of your return request: You will receive an answer from the return service within 24 working days. 3— Send your package - Pack the products you want to return in their original packaging (cardboard) to avoid waste. - Products must keep their original labels, packaging (boxes/pouches) ​ - Print your shipping slip via colissimo with La Poste on or at the post office - The return voucher to stick on your shipment Just drop it off at a post office. ​ 4— Refund: Once the goods have been returned, we will refund or send your credit note within 10 days of receipt. In case of return on a gift card, no refund can be made. A second code corresponding to the amount of your return will be sent to you
  • Our parts
    We offer two categories for sale: - A creation part: pieces that we make ourselves. Helped by our mamas from the south, these are made by hand, in the south of France (Provence and Occitanie). Each piece created is unique, revealing craftsmanship! All these parts are grouped in the MADE IN FRANCE tab. Material: We buy our fabrics from our suppliers located in the south of France. These are mainly OEKO TEX and REACH certified (world origin). - A "selection" part (concept store): we worked with French, Italian and Chinese suppliers. We select parts from a catalog offered by our suppliers. All the information concerning the origin of the products is indicated on the product sheets. We are leaving this part to focus only on our handmade creations and our Galbo Sport collections made in Portugal :)
  • What does the Galbo brand stand for?
    We see our brand as a reflection of our personalities. We are a mixed family team. Originally, Juliette & Pauline, friends then associates, and Antonin, Juliette's brother who joined the adventure by developing the sports range. Without forgetting Marie-Laure and Diva, grandmother and respective mother who are a great help to us for sewing and do not hesitate to give us ideas! Galbo is also the association of their maiden names. It was very important for us to highlight them because without them, the brand could not have existed 💘 Also a new project will soon see the light of day, developed by Karine, Juliette and Antonin's mother :) We each have different backgrounds and have worked in completely opposite sectors, and that's why we consider our team to be complementary, everyone brings their stone to the building while being connected by the same passions ! We are quite discreet and passionate about our work. We are very curious, learn, discover and evolve every day. We love fashion but above all be comfortable in what we wear. We love traveling and especially helping you discover parts of our regions in the south of France. We love the atmosphere of cities and the urban style as well as finding ourselves in spaces surrounded by nature. You will have understood that Galbo is not only a brand but also a way of life, a mood, an atmosphere. With a Galbo piece, you will find the South, the Mediterranean, nature, all with an Urban and Comfy touch. We like to transcribe these atmospheres in our collections, our shootings, the name of our articles, etc. :)
  • Why change direction for your brand?
    Simply because this is the direction we have always wanted to follow. Disappointed and dissatisfied with trends and "too fast" fashion, we want to go back to Galbo's roots. Handmade has always had a very important place for us. This is why we want this range to be the heart of the brand. To complete this desire for renewal, we are working on 100% creations made in Portugal, such as our Sport range.
  • Will you continue to offer several categories of clothing?
    Yes, but in a different form. First of all, we are completely stopping made in china parts. There will be far fewer collections and fewer items on offer. The goal is to purify the collections by offering more basic, timeless and comfortable pieces 💘 Ultimately, we want Galbo to be a brand essentially oriented towards creation made in Europe.
  • Why aren't there more sizes on your site?
    Following a survey we conducted a few months ago, we did not have enough requests to offer smaller or larger sizes. So we thought of putting more sizes for the pieces that we create without stock so that people can easily register on the product sheets. We will have more visibility on the requests and will be able to produce the models according to the wishes 🤗
  • Do you draw your models?
    For the handmade part, generally it is by seeing a fabric that we then imagine what we can do with it. For the sports range, the latest collections were rather simple, we created our logo and imagined the pieces, colors and sizing. For the next drop in preparation, we designed and imagined each model. This collection will offer more different pieces (not just sweatshirts/joggers…). A new job that we did ourselves. We will show you the rendering of the brochure when we unveil the collection, but we loved working like this and will continue this process for the future 😊
  • Are you an ethical brand?
    Today, from a strictly personal point of view and according to our own criteria, no. If we take the very definition of the word ethics, we still have a lot to change. Yes, we make a lot of pieces ourselves, we optimize fabric scraps as much as possible in order to avoid waste by creating other items, we are two at the seams, helped by our respective mothers and grandmothers, which greatly limits our production capacity. Generally, we make to order, and only if an item is in high demand, we produce more quantities in advance in order to avoid too long delays, we have chosen to have our sports range manufactured in a workshop in Portugal and to continue on this momentum etc … However, apart from linen and oeko-tex fabric, we do not yet use enough so-called “eco-responsible” materials (organic, recycled, etc.). Although we stop making in china for clothes and we supply our fabrics from a local and family brand, the thread, elastics or these same fabrics do not have certification of European origin, an obstacle to which we we collide. Made in France or Made in Portugal is valid for the manufacture of parts but generally not raw materials! Also, we believe that everyone has the right to have their own criteria for consuming better. We try to give you all the information we have to determine if you believe the part you wish to purchase is "responsible". And above all, if today we can afford to follow the path we have always wanted for the brand, it is thanks to each one of you. It is thanks to this huge demand that we have had in recent months for our handmade and made in Portugal pieces! It's a huge job for us and big investments but so much more rewarding and thank you for that 💘
  • Did you have any sewing skills before you started?
    Not at all 😅 we learned everything by going thanks to our respective mother and grandmother! We don't pretend to have enough skills to make more complex pieces, but we are already proud of how far we have come. These are hours of work, the search for the perfect model, the cut, the making, the finishes... To wrap a piece that we have made ourselves and see you wear it is one of the most beautiful recognitions we can receive in our work! Owning a handmade piece is not just having two pieces of fabric put together, but all the passion, work and energy behind it 🦋
  • Why are your handmade prices low for made in France?
    Our goal has always been to make the price of our handmade pieces as affordable as possible in order to allow as many people as possible to access them. Today the made in France has a significant additional cost, and the fact of not using a French workshop and doing everything ourselves allows us to control the costs of each stage of the design.
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